Project Management and Breaking Down Tasks

The Academic year is a stressful time for every student, and even the most tenacious of students can be pulled down by the pressure of large assignments and projects. Below are some simple tips and strategies that a student can use to help better manage these arduous tasks:


  1. Study in the right environment. Without the proper environment to study in, even the most well-laid schedules will be lost to meager distractions, such as cell phones, computer games, and televisions. Remove anything on your desk that can be considered a distraction, and ensure that your study space is in a private location that is free from common household traffic.


  1. Take breaks! It is easy to burn out on long study sessions. By taking short breaks in between sessions, you will avoid burning out on the material, and as such, can study effectively. Merely staring at a textbook does not help you memorize the information. Allow your brain to rest!


  1. Break Down Projects. Don't look at a large project as something that can be done in one go. Schedule specific dates and times to work on parts of a project to avoid that last-minute rush. Quality comes from proper time management; ensure that you gives yourself enough time to finish each part of a project!

Project management is a difficult skill to learn. A+ Academic Coaching has experienced tutors that can help students better manage their organizational skills. If you would like more information, or would like to schedule an appointment with us, please call Kathryn Burton at 505-888-7643, or email her at

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