Excel on the ACT

A+ Academic Coaching teaches students how to excel on the ACT. Results of the October 28th ACT were released this morning. The scores of most A+ Academic Coaching clients continue to be stellar. Below is a roster of our current high achievers:
Santa Fe
Noah G: 34 super score, +5 points on Math.
Natalie: 33
Hannah: 32
Noah G: 35
Elise: 30
Mason: 28
Cole: 27, +4 from his previous composite score.
Casey: 33
Chandler AZ
Devin: 32
The December ACT is unusually early this year. The test date falls on December 9th. Students are able to register for it up until this Friday, November 17th. A+ is available to help students achieve their best possible test scores. Please call our office at 505-888-7643 to schedule a coaching session.

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