College Preparation

For many students, Senior year is around the corner. As the final year of high school looms in the distance, thoughts of the future can often begin to creep into their everyday lives. Some students are caught off-guard when they graduate, as high school has been the primary event of their lives. Preparing for the road ahead, be it college, travel, jobs, or independent living, is an arduous task, and is one that is often ignored by students until it’s too late.

A+ Academic Coaching specializes in preparing students for the long and arduous roads ahead. Our team of tutors can help students prepare for college life early on, in order to ease the burdens and stress that comes with the college process. We help with every factor of the college process, ranging from editing college essays, filling out the Common Application, preparing for interviews, and writing up college resumes. 

Applying for college is a daunting process. We are here to make it easier. If you would like more information about us, or would like to schedule a free intake session, please call our office at 505-888-7643

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