A+ Offers Target: College Workshop

Our Target: College workshop is designed to make the transition from high school to college more bearable. This free service will help students be involved in this important transition from high school to college. The goal of the workshop is to ensure that students and parents alike are comfortable with such a drastic change.

The workshop will include topics such as college selection, college essays, interview preparations, and major/career guidance. This is a great workshop to attend in case you have any concerns regarding college transition.

Due to the importance of the college process, we decided that, regardless of financial situation, we wanted to include as many people as we could. This workshop will be held from 630 to 7:45 PM on February 8 of 2018. Attached is our flyer with all of the information that you will need regarding address and contact information.

Flyer for Target College Santa Fe Feb 2018

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