Test Strategies

Test Strategies and Management

Tests come in many different forms in the academic world. Students are constantly bombarded with material that will eventually wind up on a writing prompt or Scan-tron sheet. While some students excel at learning materials and properly studying them, it may be difficult for them to apply said material in a high-pressure testing environment. Anything ranging from how the test is formatted to a student’s nerves may get in the way of successful academic accomplishment. It is natural for students to be apprehensive about something that will affect their future.
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One of our most successful solutions to relieve test anxiety is the act of meditation. Our students focus on deep, conscious breaths to settle their heart rate and nerves into a calmer pattern. This allows them to look at their test in a calm, neutral light, and leads to better scores as a whole.
We also partner with Christian Harvey, a certified hypnotherapist who specializes in helping students overcome their test anxiety.

Strengthening Organizational & Time Management Skills

A common impediment for students is the inability to successfully organize assignments, establish priorities and budget time. The ability to control the learning process, rather than be controlled by it, is a key to success. We help students learn techniques for goal-setting, time management, memorization and improved note and test-taking.

One of our most successful methods of organizing information is through Quizlet, a free online flashcard program. This app allows students to create their own flashcards for any subject matter, organize the material into study sets and test themselves through various quizzes and games. This not only promotes information retention, but also provides a safe and secure area to store information.

A+ Academic Coaching provides comprehensive test strategy services. Please give us a call. Our tutors are ready to help!