SAT Preparation

SAT Preparation Tutoring

In March of 2016, the SAT and PSAT went through an extraordinary transformation. With the new SAT, the essay became optional, and there is now no penalty for guessing. Math was divided into two sections: No Calculator and Calculator. The reading questions changed in terms of format and focus. Writing remained essentially the same, but it is now combined with the Critical Reading to form 50% of the overall score; the other 50% is generated from the Math sections. The maximum score students can receive on the revised SAT is now 1600.

Long before the SAT made its changeover, A+ Academic Coaching coaches were exploring the dynamics of the test and developing new approaches and strategies to help students excel. We are pleased that one significant change that CollegeBoard, the educational agency that coordinates the SAT, provided was including a whole set of practice materials free of charge to all students. We draw upon those materials, and we have found that the combination of genuine SAT material, along with the capable instruction of A+ coaches, truly sets students up for success.

A+ has developed its own unique system for helping students effectively prepare for the SAT and PSAT. We ask students to use technological resources like apps that allow for test practice anytime and anywhere. We offer periodic, full practice tests so students can learn to pace themselves and handle the rigors of a 4-hour test. We also ask students to teach what they have learned in every session with our coaches to a parent or friend. Teaching demonstrates mastery; when students can teach the material, they understand the material.

Our SAT and PSAT coaches are highly experienced and have a demonstrated track record of helping students reach their highest score potential. Our tutors have extensive practice because they have taught countless students and are uniquely qualified to teach a broad range of learning styles and abilities. Many of our coaches have been involved in writing and developing our textbook study and materials.

A+ Academic Coaching provides comprehensive SAT tutoring services. Please give us a call. Our tutors are ready to help!