ACT Preparation

Albuquerque ACT Preparation and Tutoring

Standardized test scores are an important factor in the college application process. Utilizing a combination of traditional methods, technological resources, and innovative strategies, we help students feel confident and prepared on test day. Our ACT Preparation program has a demonstrated record of success improving students’ scores.

One of the most common subjects we work with is the ACT. All of our coaches that teach the ACT are fully qualified: they have scored a 35 or higher on their respective subjects.

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Individual Tutoring

We offer specialized one-on-one tutoring to help students improve their test scores. Instruction can be in one particular subject or for the test as a whole. We have an impressive track record of helping students improve their scores by 4 points or more.

Boot Camps

A+ also hosts ACT Boot Camps: intensive workshops designed to prepare students for the rigorous testing environment of the ACT. These workshops cover all of the subject material the ACT will test. Moreover, the sessions are highly interactive and competitive. The Boot Camp also uses our own ACT textbook, written by members of the A+ staff. The book includes reviews, summary sheets, time trials and a custom, full-length practice test.

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Proctored Practice Tests

We also host proctored ACT exams on Saturdays and Sundays. These exams are actual ACT tests from the past three years. The practice exams help students gauge where their score is and where they need to improve. Tests are proctored and scored by a member of the A+ staff.


A+ Academic Coaching utilizes a variety of online resources that really helps students excel. This includes free websites, such as Quizlet, which provide flashcards, practice exercises, and test features. We also use a number of websites that provide practice test questions and full sample tests. Our staff regularly researches the Internet for the latest and best tools and resources.

A+ Academic Coaching provides comprehensive ACT tutoring services. Please give us a call. Our tutors are ready to help!