Test Preparation

Test Preparation & Training

Test preparation is an integral part of students’ success. This encompasses chapter tests, midterms and final exams, as well as standardized tests required for college admissions, like the PSAT, SAT and ACT.

Students have a broad range of reactions to test-taking, from being highly proficient to being utterly panicked. A+ Academic Coaching uses a comprehensive approach to help students test effectively and confidently.

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We teach a meditation practice to help students manage the stress of the test which allows them to remain calm and focused. We teach a variety of techniques to minimize test anxiety, as well as work individually with students who have more severe cases of test anxiety.

Additionally, we focus on all aspects of the testing process: before, during, and after. A+ Academic Coaching has a long track record of helping students achieve the test results and scores that they set as their goals.


A+ Academic Coaching teaches a 1-minute meditation practice that is appropriate for the ACT exam format. Though brief, the results can be powerful in terms of refocusing and re-energizing. We recommend the practice while waiting for the test to begin, when instructions are being read, during the short break between exams and just before the longer break ends.

1. Close your eyes.
2. Pause for a few seconds.
3. Inhale slowly through your nose, just loud enough so you can hear your breath.
4. Pause.
5. Exhale slowly through your mouth.
6. Pause.
7. Repeat Steps 3-6 four or five more times.
8. Imagine turning on a switch. Open your eyes. You will feel refreshed and ready to go!

We encourage students to use this method during ACT homework and practice tests. The more they practice, the better they become!

Test Anxiety

albuquerque test anxiety training pictureA+ Academic Coaching uses a three-pronged approach to alleviate test anxiety. Firstly, we teach students meditative practices and visualization. Since test-taking is such a mental exercise, we truly prepare the students to have a mental game plan to foster their success. Secondly, we take the testing process from beginning to end and work with students individually to help them best devise strategies to help them excel and achieve the goals they set. For example, we have students bring in previous tests; we take a look at areas where they are already strong and create strategies for areas where they need to improve. Finally, some students experience severe test anxiety which seriously affects and even inhibits their test performance. In these situations, our Executive Director works with students individually to help them master their stress and channel it into more productive energy. In the most severe cases, we make a referral to a certified hypnotherapist who has extensive experience in working with anxiety disorders.

Preparation Before the Test

Preparing for a test involves a good deal of planning and strategizing. The most successful students break up the process into phases where they develop strategies for before, during and after the test.

A+ Academic Coaching partners with students and uses a variety of resources--traditional and technological--to promote testing success. We help students create timelines that maximize their performance on exams. We also help them organize materials for optimal comprehension and retention. We teach them to utilize a variety of different methods to ensure mastery in a broad range of subjects.

Strategies During the Test

Different types of test questions require different approaches. A+ coaches help students scrutinize test questions and develop a successful strategy to ensure success. For example, students preparing for in-class essays are encouraged to develop an outline and even complete a practice draft. For midterm and final exams, we frequently encourage study groups and provide students guidelines on how to maximize their collaborative efforts.