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English Tutoring in Albuquerque

Compared to other languages, English is one of the most complex and baffling. It has rules and idiosyncrasies that are unique. Thus, it is not surprising that many students struggle with aspects of this subject area, including reading speed, reading comprehension, essay writing, and grammar and usage. A+ Academic Coaching provides excellent instruction in all of these areas so that students can be more successful.
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Reading Comprehension

It is frustrating for students to read a short story or novel and barely understand what they have read. Reading is an extremely difficult skill for some individuals to master; it can be even more challenging to teach.
A+ Academic Coaching has decades of experience in helping students become better readers. We teach a variety of techniques, from focusing on the introduction and conclusion, to effectively annotating entire readings. Additionally, we show students what to look out for as they read. We also use a wide variety of graphics organizers to help them retain the essential information from a piece of literature.

Reading Speed

One of the common complaints clients share is that they are slow readers. Reading is generally a deeply-ingrained habit, but A+ Academic Coaching’s Reading Coaches are innovative in helping students increase their reading speed without sacrificing reading comprehension. We frequently have students engage in an ongoing regimen of reading time trials for the timeframe they need to achieve. The old adage “practice makes perfect” truly works. Moreover, reading for key words and skimming can help students reach their reading goals.

Writing Process

writing skills and english tutoring pictureWhen many students receive a writing assignment, they dash it off the night before and then are shocked when they receive a low grade. A+ Academic Coaching teaches that writing is a process. It involves numerous stages, including brainstorming, organizing ideas, outlining, creating rough drafts and editing and revision. We also highly encourage students to advocate for themselves by regularly conferencing with their teachers on their drafts.

Not surprisingly, students who learn and appreciate the writing process see a instantaneous improvement in their grades.

Essay Writing

A+ Academic Coaching is NOT an essay-writing service. If we were, we would be denying students the opportunity to develop their own voice and writing style.
Instead, A+ teaches students HOW to write. This includes guiding them through all stages of the writing process. Furthermore, we promote integrity and honor in all aspects of writing. Plagiarism is simply a manifestation of either poor study skills or a lack of self-confidence. Our coaches model and teach academic responsibility.

Grammar and Usage

Too many students rely on spellcheckers and grammar-checkers. A+ is committed to teaching the fundamentals of proficient grammar and usage to students. We employ a number of traditional and technological strategies to help students master the English language.

A+ Academic Coaching provides comprehensive english tutoring services. Please give us a call. Our tutors are ready to help!