Summer Tutoring 2016

Summer Tutoring

The summer holidays are upon us! Many students now have three months free from their academic burdens. However, this does not mean that learning should be put on hold entirely. The knowledge and skills acquired during the school year can be easily lost during those three months. Summer is a great opportunity to keep kids engaged academically so that they retain what they have learned over the school year and maintain their enthusiasm for learning as a whole.

Suggestions for engaging summer activities include reading clubs at local libraries, independent study on personal interests, or summer camps held by various schools in the city. Volunteering for community service agencies can also help students acquire real-world experience, while also making a meaningful difference in their communities.

Educational agencies such as A+ Academic Coaching offer head starts on challenging Fall classes. We also provide preparation for upcoming standardized tests that many high school students will be facing.

If you would like to get a head start on improving your academic career, please call Jeremy at our office at 888-7643, or email to set up an appointment.

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