Overcoming Test Anxiety

Overcoming Test Anxiety

Tests come in many different forms in the academic world. Students are constantly bombarded with material that will eventually wind up on a writing prompt or Scantron sheet. While some students excel at learning materials and properly studying them, it may be difficult for them to apply said material in a high-pressure testing environment. Anything ranging from how the test is formatted to a student’s nerves may get in the way of a successful academic accomplishment.

One of our most successful solutions to relieve test anxiety is the act of meditation. By closing your eyes and focusing on deep, conscious breaths, your heart rate and nerves will settle into a calmer pattern. This allows you to look at the test in a calm, neutral light, and ultimately, lead to better scores as a whole.

In addition to meditation, an experienced academic coach can help with a wide range of factors that may be holding your student back on his or her academic exams.

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