New SAT Breakdown

New SAT Breakdown

For the past few years, the SAT has come under heavy scrutiny for its confusing layout and trick questions. Because of this, the College Board has decided to completely overhaul the format of the SAT; these changes will come into effect in March of 2016. Here are some of the key changes taking place.

1. Structure. The format of the test has been completely changed. Below is the new structure:
• Reading: 52 questions, 65 minutes
• Writing and Language: 44 questions, 35 minutes
• Math: no calculator—20 questions, 25 min;
• Math: with calculator—38 questions, 55 min
• Optional essay: 1 prompt, 50 min

2. No wrong-answer penalty. On the original SAT, wrong answers would deduct points from your score. The new SAT now functions similarly to the ACT; you will not be penalized for wrong answers.

3. Fewer Trick Questions. The SAT is known for offering trick questions and answers. With the new format, there is less focus on tricks and more focus on analysis and interpretation, and is more in line with what kids learn in school.

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