Summer Academic Planning

Summer is a great time for students and teachers to rest and recuperate from the stressful academic year. For many, however, when the summer months inevitably end, it is difficult to transition back into academic life and the challenges it brings.

Information retention does not have to be all books and studying: there are ways to have fun and keep yourself prepared for the upcoming school term. Reading skills, for example, are critical to students’ success, so a summer reading project, or even a trip to the local library, can help students retain their ability to quickly process information. Reading in an academic environment is inevitable, so keeping this skill in top shape is critical to academic success.

Additionally, physical activity has been shown to sharpen mental skills. A team sport, individual workout regiment, or even walks around the city can help increase your physical health and your mental well-being. Even the most strenuous of physical activities involve an active mind; keeping the mind going will prevent students from slumping when the academic year starts.

Academic success is important, and it is all-too easy to lose those skills during long break periods. If you or your student would like assistance in creating an academic plan that keeps them active throughout the year, please call Sandy at our office at 505-888-7643.

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