The Difficulties of the College Process

The Difficulties of the College Process

Applying to colleges is a long and arduous process that causes a high amount of stress to many a student. Unfortunately, that process is not getting any easier; the college process is becoming more and more competitive. Consider the statistics fro this year’s application process:

  • -Yale University’s percentage of admissions dropped from 6% to 2.5% for this year.
  • -UCLA, which normally admits 17.3% of its applicants, admitted just 6.7% this year. Additionally, they received an additional 28,000 applications this year over the previous year.
  • -American University’s acceptance rate dropped from 30% to 18% in just one year.

The reason for the decline in acceptance rates is that students are now applying to a much larger number of schools than in previous years. Traditionally, students applied to 6 to 8 colleges. This year, that number increased to almost 12.

The bottom line is that students need an experienced college coach to help them navigate the process and secure opportunities to attend their college of choice. Mark Ayers, our Executive Director, is one of the most experienced college counselors in the Southwest

Please call our office at 505-888-7643, or email Jeremy at to schedule a complimentary one-hour session with Mark to discuss the college process.

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