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ACT Boot Camps!

A+ Academic Coaching is preparing for another round of ACT Boot Camps! These Boot Camps will help prepare students for the September 10th ACT. The Boot Camps aim to cover all the relevant material that students will need to succeed on the ACT. The sessions are interactive and highly participatory. All Boot Camp instructors have…
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College Preparation

For many students, Senior year is around the corner. As the final year of high school looms in the distance, thoughts of the future can often begin to creep into their everyday lives. Some students are caught off-guard when they graduate, as high school has been the primary event of their lives. Preparing for the…
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Project Management and Breaking Down Tasks

The Academic year is a stressful time for every student, and even the most tenacious of students can be pulled down by the pressure of large assignments and projects. Below are some simple tips and strategies that a student can use to help better manage these arduous tasks:   Study in the right environment. Without…
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