College Acceptance, It’s Not the End of the Road

College Acceptance: It’s Not the End of the Road! After a grueling application process, countless essays, and interviews for various colleges, there are fewer greater feelings than receiving that coveted acceptance letter in the mail. Congratulations! You made it in! You’re not out of the woods yet, however. Acceptance into a college is not set…
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New SAT Breakdown

New SAT Breakdown For the past few years, the SAT has come under heavy scrutiny for its confusing layout and trick questions. Because of this, the College Board has decided to completely overhaul the format of the SAT; these changes will come into effect in March of 2016. Here are some of the key changes…
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We Are Thankful to You

We Are Thankful For You! • At A+, we are thankful for many things this holiday seasons. • We are grateful for the the 11 years of patronage and loyalty parents and clients have given us. • We are appreciative the privilege of helping and changing the lives of over 1,000 youth who come through…
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